Wraps and Rituals

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Please let us know if you have any special needs prior to your visit.  Our staff will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your needs.

Rock Haven Spa body wraps are wonderfully indulgent, warm, relaxing, aromatic blends of minerals, plants, essential oils, earth muds and algae, that treat your skin from head to toe.  All of our body wraps include private changing rooms, cozy oversized robes, complimentary beverages, fresh seasonal snacks, private whirlpool and aromatherapy steam.  Also included with your wrap is a Heavenly Facial, and a half hour Rock Haven Signature massage.  Please allow approximately 3 hours for each body wrap.

Tropical Escape Body Wrap:  Papaya Pineapple

"Repairing, Smoothing, Rejuvenating"
Perfect for mature skin, this Papaya-Pineapple creme Body Wrap will smooth and firm your skin using calcium, magnesium, pomegranate, and high doses of Vitamin A.  This luscious velvet creme is deeply nourishing and rejuvenating to the skin.  Your senses will be enveloped by the scent of vanilla and enticing tropical fruits, revealing a smooth youthful look.  This body wrap includes our bathing rituals, 30min massage, full body exfoliation, body wrap application, and 30min facial.


French Riviera Seaweed Wrap - This seaweed wrap comes to Rock Haven from the Brittany Coast of France. For centuries, seaweed has been used to rid the body of toxins, and has been thought of as a “total body cleanser”. This wrap leaves your skin looking and feeling cleansed, very refreshed and moisturized. This wrap comes with a Heavenly facial and a half hour Rock Haven Signature massage.  A warm shower washes the seaweed from your body. Safe for sensitive skin.

European Earthly Mud Wrap - This wrap is abundant with minerals, botanicals and antioxidants. You will feel tension and stress float away with this warm, aromatic mud. This wrap comes with a Heavenly facial and a half hour Rock Haven Signature massage.

Coconut Cream Body Wrap - For coconut lovers only! Tropical and terrific for the skin. Coconut and vanilla bean deeply moisturize and hydrate for healthy, youthful skin. This wrap comes with a Heavenly facial and a half hour Rock Haven Signature massage.

Lemon Truffle Body Wrap - This delicious wrap is a blend of orange, vanilla, grapefruit, mango, sugarcane extract and shea body butter. This wrap is packed with vitamin C, which feeds, nourishes and leaves your skin glowing. Warm citrus cream is carefully applied to your body, and you relax in a warm blanket cocoon. The benefits of this highly infused vitamin C treatment is long lasting, as the cream remains on your body. This wrap comes with a Heavenly facial and a half hour Rock Haven Signature massage. Safe for sensitive skin.

Rock Haven currently employs male and female massage therapists. Please be sure to request based on your personal preference, and be aware that requests cannot always be honored. 


Cancellation Policy

All appointments will be reserved with a credit card number. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We require 48+ hours notice prior to your spa appointment for all cancellations and rescheduling. Failure of 48 hour notification will result in $25 per person fee billed to your credit card. Sometimes, due to weather and road conditions, we may have to reschedule your appointment. Fees will not apply to weather cancellations.  Prices and services listed are subject to change without notice. Tipping is left to the discretion of our guests.


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